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'Small Feet' - with track 'Ice Storm'

After the complexity of genre defying 'Det Skandaløse Orkester' and their incredible album, I wanted to find a contrast that took us somewhere complexly different both musically and emotionally, and I think 'Small Feet' fits the bill perfectly. Behind 'Small Feet' is the Swedish songwriter Simon Stålhamre, and it's been 3 years since he released his debut album, the beautifully named 'From Far Away Everything Sounds Like The Ocean' (and which reminds me of 'The Crimea' track 'Listen to the Seashells, They Know Everything'.

His new song is entitled 'Ice Storm' and it's the first from an EP which is due to be released at the end of the year. It was the first track he wrote after his debut album, and it's based on an almost euphoric moment of inner peace on realising that as a new father he would not (or need not) run away from anything ever again. Musically the track has a traditional bluegrass / Americana feel to it, and that seems to give it a reassuring warm feel, which suits the content of the track really well, and I love the thoughtful and honest lyrics which accompany it.

This is 'Ice Storm':

In addition to the EP expected at the end of the year, 'Small Feet' hopes to release an album next year. For more details visit the pages below, in particular check his Facebook page for a link to a great 'I Love Sweden' live video version of 'Ice Storm'.

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