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'The Entrepreneurs' - new single 'Heroine' (live video)

It's extremely remiss of us never to have covered Danish band 'The Entrepreneurs' before, because they've been making such an impression on the Danish music scene for a while, but we'll correct that now with a live performance of their new single 'Heroine', straight from the forthcoming debut album entitled 'Noise and Romance', which will be released on the excellent Tambourhinoceros label.

The 3 piece band from Copenhagen were formed back in 2014, released their highly praised debut EP 'Tony Rominger' in 2016 and since then have been working on the debut album, as well as building an excellent reputation as a hard hitting live act, which has seen them perform at the likes of 'Roskilde Festival'.

For UK readers who are more likely to be new to this band, their performance of 'Heroine' is therefore a perfect introduction because you get to see a new track performed in that live environment which seems to natural to them. And it is a real performance. A six minute sprawling song, 'Heroine' in some way feels as if it could be a post rock track, but the sound itself is dark and grungy, and just when you feel you're 'in tune' with it, the music seems to lurch leftfield and drag you in a deeper darker place. Given the song is written about being addicted to a woman but being 'blind to her flaws', I think it's really effectively constructed. I've listened to 'Heroine' so many times, and as much as I like it still don't feel I've quite heard all the phases and subtleties, which just shows how much depth their is in the sound and performance.

This is 'Heroine':

We'll have more details on that new album from 'The Entrepreneurs' when we receive it.

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