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'The Golden Leaves' - track 'Dancing'

We are still worming through a few releases from September when our minds were otherwise pre-occupied by gig organising, but thankfully good music doesn't age too quickly and our next 'catch up' is from Norway and a band we've featured before from Trondheim, 'The Golden Leaves'. We last featured this band in May when they released the irresistible 'Overexposed' from their EP 'Death, Love and Guns', and the new track 'Dancing' is the first new track as they build towards the release of their debut album.

'Dancing' opens with a long introduction (I hate the 'fashion' for no intros) with a thudding bass line, and whilst 'Overexposed' was an obviously catchy number, this is a more reflective song where guitar is given a 'free reign' and the impressive vocals set out passionate lyrical content and sweeping melodic lines. But I like the instrumental weight that still sits behind the track, and at over 5 minutes long it's again good to see a band not necessarily wanting to write to radio playlist style conforms, and simply do whatever they want. For those that like more 'conventional' rock, rather than the strange eclectic mix we love to push upon you, 'The Golden Leaves' really deliver.

So we're about 6 weeks behind on this one, so apologies for that, but this is 'Dancing':

We'll have more details on 'The Golden Leaves' debut album when we have it, hopefully later this winter.

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