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'Silvana' - 'Doc’n Roll' Festival - London, 10th November.

We have a few new releases to write about today (and over the weekend), but we'll start with something slightly different as next week is the 5th edition of the music documentary film festival, 'Doc’n Roll', which takes place in London. And as part of that festival, last years film documentary released on Silvana, the Swedish feminist, ant-racist, punk / hip-hop artist, is being shown at the Curzon in Soho (Saturday 10th November at 6pm).

To add to the interest of the event both Silvana and Olivia Kastebring, the Filmmaker, will be attending the event to do a Q&A session. The film itself is an intimate and fascinating portrait of a unique artist, and we really recommend it to everyone. This is the trailer.

There is an incredible range of films being shown at the 'Doc'n Roll' Festival, next year I'd love to try and go. For full details of all the films have a look here,, but you can see documentaries on the likes of Chilly Gonzalez, whom we mentioned recently, through to The Wedding Present and The Story of Trojan Records - completely fascinating stuff.

Anyway for more details on 'Silvana' have a look at the link below:

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