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'Novocaine' - new track 'In Another World'

Hopefully, if we get our act together, we have 2 short album reviews to being you today (if not, there's always tomorrow...), but in the meantime we're delighted to bring you an update on a band we featured around this time last year, 'Novocaine', from Norway.

Now hopefully there will be some people out there familiar with the name, either from our previous musings or because they've made a real impression in Norway with their releases and gigs since they returned from a long musical hiatus. The good news is that they're back with another song, and it's called 'In Another World', an atmospheric track which hits the mark musically and lyrically.

The theme behind the song is how we all keep to our own 'bubbles', not wanting to recognise other peoples problems and only caring about how we're perceived - surely something driven by the self obsessed social media culture. It's a weighty track too, some 6 1/2 minutes of sound, and it does almost have a post rock feel in the scale and through the most glorious instrumental climax at the end of the track. But before that we're offered melancholy vocals, some lovely chord / vocal progressions and sad melodic musical phrases - I really hope you'll add it to all your musical playlists, because this will grow and grow on you I promise.

This is 'In Another World', and if we did a yearly award for best instrumental section of a song, this would definitely be on the shortlist:

Please check out 'Novocaine' (sometimes still known as 'Novocaine 99' in one of the following places:

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