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Introducing.... Sergei Varre with track 'Solitary Soul'

Just one new artist introduction today, but we like to think that it's a particular good one - even if we do say so ourselves. Sergei Varre is a songwriter from Finland, although he studied at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London, as well as the Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory. But his influences are clearly varied, with a background too as lead singer of Finnish indie band 'Bye Mandu', whom I hadn't come across but are currently in 'hibernation' - which I like, it sounds way better than a 'hiatus'.

Anyway he's now headed out to release tracks as a solo artist, and influenced by the likes of Sufjan Stevens and everyone's favourite Totnesian (yes it is a real word down our way) Ben Howard. Of course we wouldn't really be writing about him if he wasn't releasing a song, and it's his debut track entitled 'Solitary Soul', the first from a planned album due for release in May 2019.

Sergei Varre writes in an easy going style, acoustic folk influenced songs with thoughtful lyrics, but it's the meandering melodies that make this song work so well. And whilst the song might start off fairly stripped back, it develops with a lush instrumental section behind him that I think particularly works. Vocally Sergei Varre has a lovely reassuring soft voice that suits the style of music so well, and I have complete confidence already that we will now see a stream of well written songs heading in our direction. No pressure Sergei....

So this is 'Solitary Soul':

We look forward to new releases, and in particular getting to read his lyrics in more detail on future tracks, because he seems to have an interesting philosophy, as well as the ability to write good songs..

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