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Introducing... 'Bad Birthday' with new track 'Prints in the Tar'

We never shy from featuring bands that cross over between multiple different genres, experiment with the boundaries of rock and pop, whether it's the wonderful 'Frisk Frugt' or more obviously 'Major Parkinson', but we try to avoid resorting to use of the phrase 'it's like nothing we've heard before', simply because all bands are influenced by someone else back through the decades, and it's 'just' music after all. Also I guess it's our job to try and describe the strange noises we get sent - well that, along with making comments about Donald Trump and pointing out the utter madness of Brexit, obviously.

Anyway so as you've probably guessed already, 'Bad Birthday' (along with reminding me of my 10th birthday present of a dinghy without oars) make rather unusual music. They're a 5 piece collective from Denmark with band members that have played in everything from jazz ensembles through to rap pop duos, and 'Prints in the Tar' is a complex maze of interwoven electro patterns of music, accompanied by vocals that seem to have influences from across different continents. Uplifting melodic vocals peeks through the hazy electronica, and after 6 minutes of listening you'll be almost hypnotised by the weaving web of sounds. It's very clever. And like nothing we've heard before...

This is 'Prints in the Tar':

For more information please visit 'Bad Birthday' on their Facebook page.

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