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'Highasakite' - new single 'Mexico'

We'll start today with a release just out, and it's from one of the biggest names in Norwegian music, 'Highasakite'. Now we haven't written about them since they released their last album 'Camp Echo' back in 2016, but since then they've continued to take enormous steps forward, with huge gigs home in Norway and appearances at great UK festivals such as Glastonbury and Latitude. They've also sold out a gig in London this Tuesday 20th November, which on a Tuesday night is very impressive - even more impressive, we admit, than the Nordic Music Review promoted gig for Major Parkinson selling out on a Friday recently. Oh and they also released an acoustic EP of tracks from 'Camp Echo' in 2016, which are particularly recommended by us here.

Anyway their new single is the 4th off their up and coming album, due to hit through Propeller Recordings in early 2019, and that is surely going to be a massive release. The new track is entitled 'Mexico' and it appeals to me more than any other of their new singles. Singer / songwriter Ingrid Helene Håvik (who incidentally was born in Ålesund, which we wrote about recently) appears to be in a more reflective mode, and that throws attention on to the vocals and lyrics too, with that voice being just so good - melancholy and totally captivating. The song then launches into an anthemic chorus, which will just sound great on their big stage tour.

Take a listen to 'Mexico':

Check out the 'Highasakite' website for details of that European tour in 2019, which includes a visit to the UK with dates in London AND Manchester, where they play the excellent 'Band on the Wall' on Friday 1st March - that's the perfect venue for them I think. Their gig this Tuesday 20th November in London is already sold out.

If you like 'highasakite', please check out our review of half Norwegian duo 'To Eva' and their debut track 'Palette' which was released today (16th Nov), we think you'll like them...

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