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Introducing...'To Eva' with track 'Palette'

We were only saying a few weeks ago how we don't quite have so much contact with Norwegian musicians based in Liverpool as we used to. Thankfully someone must have overheard this conversation (although unlikely given it was 1am in a Manchester pub...) because suddenly out of the ether 'To Eva' have appeared, and they're an electronic based duo featuring none other than Liverpool based Emilie Krogh Johannessen who is from Norway, and musician Ted White who isn't.

This is a duo who've been performing together for quite some time, and have appearances logged at some great little venues such as the Kazamier Garden, as well as a performance at the prestigious Liverpool International Music Festival. However as often is the case, it does take slightly longer to get formal releases out, so it is only today that their official debut release has come out and it's entitled 'Palette'.

Now this track will take a while to seep into your inner consciousness, but it's well worth sticking on a playlist and listening a few times. The track is written and produced with a moody, atmospheric backdrop, without a conventional song structure either, so this creates images with evolving shapes and patterns, different shades of colours and never any extremes. The vocals are fascinating, I can't quite think of anything quite like them (although occasionally I'm reminded of 'Tuvaband' for some reason), and the track slowly grows in intensity with a whirlwind of beats before opening up with more distinct melodic hooks - It's mesmerizing stuff.

Take a listen, this is 'Palette' by 'To Eva':

So I would expect 'To Eva' to develop their songwriting further still in future releases, but this is a promising and interesting debut from a Norwegian / Scottish duo who are not afraid to challenge conventions and approach their music making from a different perspective. We look forward to featuring them again in the future.

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