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'Pastis' with new track 'Valour Valour'

We have 2 updates from bands previously featured on Nordic Music Review today, but promise we have 5 or 6 brand new names to cover throughout the week. We'll start off in Finland, where I'm surprised they've got enough time to write music in between all the 'leaf raking', but turns out they still have, and we're delighted to update you on the progress of indie band 'Pastis'. Now we first (belatedly) wrote about these guys earlier this year after they'd released their 'Four Stories' EP late in 2017, and they've now released 2 singles from an album due early next year.

'Valour Valour' is an anthemic track with a trumpet introduction, and it somehow nicely intertwines 60's melodies with a more modern indie guitar backdrop. But I like the subtle instrumental touches, such as the piano that links chorus and verse, and the trumpet throughout is a real highlight (played by Antero Priha, who has performed with Ray Charles amongst others). This is an easy listening indie song, as is the first single which was released a couple of months (and which we missed due to time constraints) called 'Amazon', which has had a really good number of plays on Spotify.

Take a listen to 'Valour Valour' here:

So Pastis' upcoming debut LP 'Circles' will be released 8th February 2019, and it's co-produced by the award-winning producer Lauri Eloranta.

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