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Introducing....'Slide' with track 'Laugh Some More'

So we're featuring 2 bands new to Nordic Music Review this morning, and we'll start off with a visit to Sweden. 'Slide' will probably be a new name to everyone actually as they only released their debut single last Friday, they're a duo consisting of Albin Skeppholm and Simon Werne, and their new release is the first from what's expected to be a debut EP released next Spring.

'Laugh Some More' is based around the idea that those things you love most ended up becoming an almost unhealthy 'drug', and whilst I've seen similar topics to this explored, I like that specific idea and their exploration of it. Musically they're a conventional rock duo in many respects, but there's a 'dirty' edge to their guitar sound that gives it a feel of being grunge influenced - and in that respect their quoted influences of both Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Nirvana seem about right to me.

Anyway this song works for me, with a big chunky guitar sound, melancholy rock vocals that capture the spirit of their sound and they're clearly not afraid to take their music slightly 'leftfield' with some slightly unusual sequences. Overall it's a really promising debut.

We'll try to bring you more details on that EP release when we get it next Spring. For more details visit their Facebook or Instagram page.

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