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'Windmills and Giants' with track 'Venom Eyes'

Editing a music blog and dealing with never ending backlogs go hand in hand, but we do try to give everything a fair chance, even if it means occasionally we feature a 'new' track weeks or even months late. So our 2nd band 'new' to Nordic Music Review today are another duo, 'Windmills and Giants' from Norway, but unlike 'Slide' from Sweden, these guys have been making music together for quite some time.

There's also a big difference in musical styles too, as 'Windmills and Giants' write folk rock with a distinct 'Nashville' influence in their guitar sound. The duo comprising of Thomas Solvang and Lars Nilsson have releases stretching back to 2015 and their recent release 'Venom, Eyes' comes from a forthcoming album entitled 'Somehow, The Ship Remained Floating, which is due for release pretty imminently.

'Venom Eyes' (which was released over the summer) can only be described really as completely irresistible, it opens with acoustic guitar and vocals, but even on first listen I just knew it was about to explode into life, and it does some 35 seconds in when it launches into life with a tune that may sound a bit familiar, but is instantly loveable. We guarantee that the joyous instrumentation which accompanies the track will have you dancing around the house (or your money back...).

Just take a listen to 'Venom Eyes':

Follow the 'Windmills and Giants' guys on Facebook to find out more details on that Album release.

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