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Introducing...'Lokoy' - 'Can We All Go to Bed' (EP)

We have a couple of new releases today that are probably slightly different in style than our normal Indie Rock and Folk influenced sounds, although 'Lokoy' ('Lasse Lokoy') is connected to a band we have featured a number of times - as he is also the bass played of the excellent Sløtface.

His debut EP is released today through 'Propeller Recordings', and it's an intriguing mix of experimental pop, with 4 tracks that head off in completely directions - which is backed up by 'Lokoy's' own description of it being like a 'compass rose'.

It opens with 'Can We All Go to Bed' and it's a curious mix of laid back vocals, electronica and rhythms, it's mesmerizing and just packed full of subtle detail. 'Malibu' (featuring 'girl in red') is instantly likeable, with a quirky vocal melody and a kaleidoscope of sounds - I love the last 40 seconds of warped noise, with strings poking through and a sudden ending. 'Unfortunate' (featuring 'dePresno') is probably my least favourite on the EP (which guarantees it having both widespread appeal and the highest streaming numbers...), but although it isn't my natural instinctive 'go to' musical style 'Hide Your Art' (feat. SOLÅ - see below for more details) is pretty extraordinary, with striking synths to open, but it's the soft vocals and meandering melody that I love, and the instrumental section (at 1 min 45 secs) is simply genius - the whole thing somehow fits together brilliantly.

This is 'Hide Your Art (featuring SOLÅ)', I really do love this:

So there should be something for everyone on this EP, and 'Lokoy' has done a great job constructing a series of leftfield pop tracks that somehow fuse together so many different musical styles - please give it a listen...

One of the bonuses of this release are the vocalists 'Lokoy' has featured. SOLÅ is a great example, and it's typically remiss of us not to have come across her previously. Anyway after a bit of searching I'm pretty sure that you can find her music here... Her vocals are really worth listening to...

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