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'YOHIO' with new track 'Merry Go Round'

After our Elsa Åborg feature we'll go straight to the opposite extreme now, as this next track does have a big Commercial bias to it, but it is undeniably a hugely entertaining song. The artist is Swedish/Japanese visual pop sensation 'YOHIO', who came to prominence a few years ago when he participated in Melodifestivalen (which is used to select the Eurovision Song Contest representative) both in 2013 and 2014, making it to the final on both occasions, and coming in second place in his first year.

Now the history is interesting because as soon as I heard his new track 'Merry Go Round' I thought that it sounded like a theatrical progressive rock act writing a Eurovision song contest entry, and I love the clash / mix of styles. It even has an almost Christmas sounding opening, before it launches off in every direction possible, but always with that 'merry go round' theme - there's some entertaining progressive style changes in direction, a huge anthemic chorus and the whole thing is both brilliant and utterly preposterous in equal measures.

Take a listen here:

This addictively enjoyable track is now available on all good streaming services.

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