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Introducing... 'Sthlm Transit Club' with debut track 'Garden'

I do worry about everyone leading up to Christmas and the holiday season, with so much rushing about and so many stresses, with additional pressures on families, finances and even work too. Hopefully everyone is holding up OK, and if you're looking to escape for a while with a good playlist of new music, well here's a lovely track to add from a Swedish collective we haven't featured before - they're called 'Sthlm Transit Club' and their debut single is 'Garden'.

So 'Sthlm Transit Club' are based, unsurprisingly, out of Stockholm, although front man Steve Motion is actually Canadian. Musically the sound they produce has a warmth to it that I've really appreciated in such a dark, cold week. 'Garden' opens with acoustic guitar, but it's the rhythms that accompany it that throw the track in an interesting direction, whilst the build up of instrumentation allows the track to soar, and it develops with a strength of conviction that I wasn't initially expecting.

Musically influenced by the likes of Joni Mitchell as well as Coldplay, the result is a blend that is soft on the ear, but with an emotional impact too, courtesy of that rich instrumental sound. Take a listen to 'Garden' here:

'Garden' is making an impressive impact with over 20k streams on Spotify in the 1st 3 weeks of release, which is really good for an indie debut. A new release is pencilled in for February 2019, and we look forward to hearing it.

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