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'Gus Ring' - with new track 'You Deserve So Much More'

So as we stutter towards Christmas and our not so inevitable Albums of the Year list (we might have to give it a break this year), we'll finish off with a few belated write-ups of tracks from the last few weeks. We'll start off with 'Gus Ring' an artist we featured just over a year when he released 'Hypnoseas', an original sounding album which is thoughtfully conceived and constructed - it is obviously still available online if you want to check it out.

Now he is back with a new track entitled 'You Deserve So Much More', and I'm captivated straight from the start. It's a fragile, melancholy opening, which similarly to many tracks on that 'Hypnoseas' album, uses sparse instrumentation. Totally exposed, the attention shifts onto the lyrics which are poignant and powerful. Written at a point in his life when he was feeling totally burn out from life, the track is a persuasive 'self-help' ode to believing in yourself and not worrying about being anyone else but you. At a time such as Christmas, where we're all pulled in different directions and often expected to 'conform', well maybe that's a good message.

Anyway listen / watch through to the end, because I love the way the track builds in the latter stages:

You can find 'Gus Ring' in the following places, and don't forget he has 2 previous albums you can find on streaming services.

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