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Introducing... 'FRI5K' - 'Where The Roses Grow' (single)

There is a great selection of Albums / EP's being released next Friday 25th ('Pelicat' and 'Novel-Fae' amongst others), but we think today is relatively quiet for new Albums, so instead we'll concentrate on a new single by an artist we've featured before, albeit in different projects. 'FRI5K' may sound like a Friday morning running club, but he's actually from Norway, and behind the name is none other than Nils Martin, who we've featured as a solo artist and through his involvement in the rock band 'Asmodean'.

'Where the Roses Grow' is the debut single from the project, and it reflects a slight change in direction

for the versatile musician and producer, who clearly has the ability to write across different genres. Here he blends guitar and electronica to create a fluid, interesting song, and whilst at first the vocal effects employed might appear a tiny bit overdone actually this track should really grow on you. There is actually a nice simplicity to it all, I like the melodies played out by both vocals and guitar, and that lack of complexity allows those gentle tunes to get inside your mind.

This is 'Where the Roses Grow':

Anyway I just have a feeling that Nils Martin will do really well with FRI5K, with a blend of digital and analog sounds, and you can follow the project in the following places.

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