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Introducing...'Little Birds' with 'Know You Better' (video)

Unfortunately we've had to content with 'Staff Illness' this week, which has delayed a couple of new artist introductions in the run up to a crazy series of album releases - today includes the excellent 'Pelicat', before 'Highasakite' and 'Spielbergs' offer releases next week. But first we'll just slip in a new band introduction alongside a lovely video, and it's from Swedish band 'Little Birds' - with help from the excellent 'Flocken Media', who were responsible for that video.

Anyway 'Little Birds' are originally from Värmland, and they formed back in 2016, but settled on the current line-up more recently, and started to makie progress once signed to Rexius Records in 2017. Their music sits somewhere on the Inde Rock / Indie Pop spectrum, but they clearly have Britpop influences too, and I just have a feeling that their music would go down pretty well in the UK - as well as back home in Sweden and maybe even with our friends in the USA too.

'Know You Better' is a melodic track with big tunes, appealing harmonies and it's carried along by a cacophony of pleasing guitars. It's pretty straight forward in many ways, but given the mass of melancholy alternative folk stuff we have in the pipeline, you will probably all need a dose of 'Little Birds' to get you through the week.

This is 'Know You Better' - the lyrics and video pretty much tell their own story.

For more details on 'Little Birds' you can read about them here:

And for more details on Flocken Video you can visit them here:

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