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Introducing.... 'A. Bird' with track 'Easy'

Our focus on Albums and EP's continues, later we'll have a short Junius Meyvant review, and there's releases by Jon-Olov Woxlin, 'SUNDAYS', 'Melba Vision' and many more to consider before we're treated to more Album release by 'Highasakite' and 'Spielbergs' this Friday. But first a new introduction, and whilst sometimes we get pages of biographic background on new artists sent to us, it was reassuring to be sent something last week that simply said ''A. Bird is a folk-pop artist from Copenhagen, Denmark''.

And given our Google attempts to establish the background of 'A Bird' in Copenhagen simply led to pictures of birds in Copenhagen, we actually think that's all you need to know for now, as really the music does speak for itself, and 'Easy' is a lovely debut that will simply make your ears tingle. There is a simplicity to the song that I like, but I guess that's only possible because of the quality of the vocals, which are confident whilst soulful and melancholy too - they're also really versatile, which you'll understand when you take a listen. The guitar which carries the track along is really well judged, which combined with those vocals makes this a really interesting debut.

This is 'Easy':

We will try to bring you more information on 'A Bird', later this year if we have chance, in the meantime please check out his Soundcloud page.

#denmark #singersongwriter #folkpop

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