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'Bonnie Cried' - 'Everyone Has to Die' (single)

We have some really good new albums to feature this week, including releases from 'Highasakite', The Spielbergs' and a particular favourite 'Acres Wild', but just take a few minutes of your day to listen to this sizzling track from Danish based band 'Bonnie Cried'.

Although the 4 band members appear to come from across the world (I think the latest line-up is a mix of New Zealand, USA, Denmark and Iceland), they're based from Århus, which just has such a good music scene, and they write dark, brooding, alternative rock. Last year we somewhat criminally missed the release of their self-titled EP, but they're back with a new single entitled 'Everyone Has To Die' and it appears to be the first glimpse of a forthcoming album.

You'll all love the opening to 'Everyone Has to Die', which simply howls for attention, and with a mix of influences from yesteryear it's an intense, slightly bleak but always melodically pleasing track which has excellent contributions from guitar, bass, drums and vocals - I bet this would be awesome live in small underground club somewhere.

Take a listen to 'Everyone Has to Die':

We look forward to a 'Bonnie Cried' album sometime in the next 12 months.

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