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'Stranger Things' - new single 'Enemy' (plus 'Gravity' EP from 2018)

We have a couple of singles / new artist introductions today (both Swedish), before we return to the list of new Album / EP releases currently stacked up on our playlist. The first is quite simply a lovely song by duo 'Stranger Things' who first formed way back in 2010, released a debut EP in 2012 but didn't release anything again until last year, when they released an EP in Spring entitled 'Gravity'.

The duo comprise Gabriel Wingård and Anna Falk from Stockholm, and having had chance to go back and listen to last years release, I regret that we didn't have the opportunity to cover it - a nicely written set of tracks, with subtle contributions from cellist Fredrik Lindholm. All their back catalogue is available on Bandcamp at the link below.

But actually their new single 'Enemy' is probably the strongest track they've released so far. It's written in a fairly 'classic' style, I could name a collection of influences, and there's a lovely series of melodies that propel the track forward, and when the cello and other instruments are introduced there's a sense of purpose and force that makes it feel convincing. The lyrics are gently life affirming, and there's a softness to the vocals that makes it both easy to listen to, but also compelling.

Hopefully it won't be another 6 years before they release their next EP, because it would be great to cover 'Stranger Things' in more detail another time.

You can find them in the following places:

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