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Simen Mitlid - new single 'Tell Me Everything'

Hopefully there will be one more Album / EP review to publish before the weekend hits us, but first an update on a songwriter we've written about before. Simen Mitlid is an Oslo based singer songwriter who released an EP back in 2015, before a full length release entitled 'Everything is the Same' in September 2017 which we really enjoyed and which we thoroughly recommend you check out at some point.

In advance of a brand new album due later this year Mitlid has released 'Tell me Everything and we wanted to bring you it straight away because it is such a charming indie folk influenced song. It opens with a playful fanfare, before it launches off with a quirky melody, laid back and easy going, with those distinct endearing vocals carrying the track along. Simen Mitlid is a really engaging songwriter with influences from the likes of Sufjan Stevens, and we're really looking forward to that album.

This is 'Tell Me Everything':

Anyway the rumour is that the album will be ready in August, so we'll probably be writing about it in September after our summer holidays.

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