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'Moddi' -new single 'Little by Little'

It's been a while since we heard from 'Moddi', the Norwegian songwriter who is still mostly responsible for the existence of Nordic Music Review at all - alongside the always troublesome 'Major Parkinson'. His last project 'Unsongs' was a huge achievement, he researched 100's of 'banned' songs before settling on the collection of stories that formed the album, and I did expect it would be some time before we heard his next release.

In the end we almost missed the new song 'Little by Little', but thankfully the lovely Finnish folk singer 'Catself' mentioned it on Twitter, a track which interestingly Moddi says was pretty much the most difficult song he's ever written - an attempt to write a song about all the positive things in the world, when actually things are just so downright bleak. I relate to that, but I guess we have to find a way forward, or risk being consumed by the darkness.

Anyway 'Little by Little' is simply a lovely song, with a flowing acoustic guitar and very distinct Moddi sounding melody and vocals, alongside the inevitable charms of a cello. But it's the video which just captures the spirit of positivity, so cleverly constructed and really hitting home his message.

Take a look here, this is 'Little by Little':

I'm guessing it we'll be sometime before the album sees the light of the day - although I'm kind of hoping it'll be before the end of 2019, given that we did always say this was a 5 year project...

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