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'YOHIO' - new single 'My Nocturnal Serenade'

So we've featured a newish band in 'St. Bennetts' from Norway, and we'll head back to someone who is becoming somewhat of an old favourite, Swedish visual Alternative / Progressive Rock phenomena 'YOHIO'. Now I'm going to admit straight away that I do feel his music is somewhat of a guilty pleasure sometimes, and I mean that in the nicest possible way, simply because it is just so lavish and fully orchestrated, but the reality is that it's also hugely entertaining too.

Last time we wrote about 'YOHIO' he had just released the track 'Merry Go Round', and 'My Nocturnal Serenade' is in a similar style. The iconic singer, who has an unbelievable career behind him despite a relatively young age, has the ability to churn out songs with the most monumental melodies, backed up with elaborate and sumptuous instrumental arrangements. I love in particular the section just over 2 minutes where medieval string influences meet Eurovision, before it launches back to the main musical themes. It is all highly enjoyable and slightly absurd.

'My Nocturnal Serenade' was only released today, take a listen here:

Anyway apparently 'My Nocturnal Serenade' is the latest single ahead of the release of an entire album of 'YOHIO' music. Can we cope with such an extraordinary thing?? Sure.... bring it on....

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