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Introducing... 'Jonas Källstrand' with track 'Dynamite'

Sometimes it's not the actual music or melodies that I'm drawn to, but rather the stories that an artist tells, and the lyrics that they write. And that's definitely the case with Swedish songwriter 'Jonas Källstrand', who's music is based around the older traditions of folk musicians where tales (and sometimes even myths) were passed down through their music and words.

So Källstrand is from Gothenburg, and there are a few tracks he's released in the last couple of years to be enjoyed on streaming services. My favourite older track is 'The House My Parents Later Sold', and there's a lovely video to go with it which I've added to the feature below. His perspective on songwriting is really interesting, because as he says himself 'the story must not end after the first chorus' - and the music production in his studio is based around vintage microphones and tape machines, which gives his sound a distinct yet familiar style.

Anyway his new release is called 'Dynamite', and the first thing that hits me is the amazing sound of that guitar, and whilst melodically there is a familiarity to it, the there is a passion in the vocal delivery and the lyrics that really do capture the attention. It's dealing with the delicate balance between heartbreak and mental illness, and it's a really interesting perspective. There are some lovely touches musically too, not just in the guitar playing, but for example the double bass at the end adds a different texture to the sound.

Take a listen to 'Dynamite':

Fore more details and songs please check out his Facebook and Soundcloud pages.

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