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'Vilnes' - 'Play With Me' (single)

I've been looking forward all week to writing an update on 'Vilnes', simply because it gives me an excuse to listen to his new track 'Play With Me' just a few more times - not that I needed much of an excuse, given I've had it on rotation from the moment I first heard it. It's another really good song from the songwriter, and everybody I've 'made' listen to it seems to agree with me.

So we have written about 'Vilnes' (the musician Eivind Vilnes) before, but in case you msised it he's a Norwegian musician who tantalised us all last year with snippets of music videos before launching with his debut song 'Demons', which we rightfully described as '2 minutes 40 seconds of indie pop genius'. He then went on to release 'Good Old Days', which we didn't have time to write about but is almost as good, and now he's back with another new song entitled 'Play With Me' - and it's utterly marvellous.

This is his most upbeat catchy track of his releases thus far, almost outrageously quirky pop, which I promise will bring a huge smile to your face. If this doesn't have you dancing down the tram or train carriage on your commute home tonight then nothing will. I just love the way 'Vilnes' writes his songs, his vocals are distinct and interesting and we all hereby formally request a full album of music by the end of 2019.

Anyway, so this is 'Play With Me' by 'Vilnes', it's erm…. 2 minutes 50 seconds of indie pop genius:

Anyway, new 'Vilnes' tracks are always welcomed at Nordic Music Review, and we look forward to future releases, and maybe even our requested album at some point...

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