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'Beverly Kills' - 'Revellers' (single)

We weren't quite as efficient at tracking some of the new bands breaking through last year (the 'live' dates we organised took way too much time), and one Swedish band we missed were Indie Rock outfit 'Beverly Kills', who released 3 singles which led to them being nominated for the "Breakthrough of the Year” in the Gaffa Awards. That success has led to a stream of live appearances at festivals such as 'Viva Sounds' and this years 'by:Larm', and now they're back with another single entitled 'Revellers'.

Released to coincide with them signing to Australian label 'Hell Beach', 'Revellers' is a convincing melodic indie guitar driven track, the highlight of which are Alma Westerlund's dreamy and slightly melancholy vocals, which are a great constrast to the chunky guitar backdrop. The song rattles along at a good pace, and I particularly enjoy the bursts of guitar sound which come to the fore a few times in the song. Lyrically there's a particularly dark theme, setting out the scenario where everything and everyone has been killed off just to satisfy the worlds need to see death and chaos - until there’s nothing left to kill but ourselves. Wow, and I thought the insanity of Brexit was as bad as things could get....:

Anyway this is 'Revellers', and this was released just 2 days ago:

'Beverly Kills' really do have something about them which will give them pretty widespread appeal, and we look forward to a longer play EP or Album release at some point down the line.

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