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'Selma & Gustaf' - new single 'Sinking Stone'

The list of Nordic artists and bands that we've never managed to feature despite a wealth of lovely releases, will never get any shorter, but we'll try our best to cover as many as possible. 'Selma & Gustaf' are based around Swedish duo Selma Edenståhl and Gustaf Johnsson, but they have other musicians performing with them also and they've released a series of singles, an EP and an Album in the last 3 years. Their attractive brand of country influenced Americana is easy listening, but pretty mesmerizing too thanks to the lovely vocals.

Following on from that debut album 'Stories Of", released back in 2017, Selma & Gustaf have toured pretty extensively (including the United States), although sadly it looks like they haven't made it to the UK, and now they're back with a new single entitled 'Sinking Stone'. The vocals in this hit me full on in the face straight after the acoustic guitar intro, they have this purity and richness that immediately made me stop and listen, and the song is engaging with a flowing series of melodies, supported by supporting instruments that slowly build up over time - that creates intensity and gives the song depth and keeps it interesting too.

This is 'Sinking Stone':

We'll try and keep an eye on future updates from the band, in the meantime check their Facebook page for updates and live gig dates too.

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