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Rami Vierula - 'Sanoja' (video)

We have an 'Insaunas' album review ready to publish, but just a few words on a new video from our favourite Finnish musician 'Rami Vierula', and a reminder of how much we liked his 2018 album 'Ikuinen yö'. We wrote at the time that the song 'Sanoja' was the highlight of a lovely album, so we particularly welcome its release as a single alongside the video, with beautiful footage from a tour he made of Benin and Togo a couple of years ago.

The song is about 'wordless, telepathic communication', which is appropriate to the video because the trip was undertaken whilst overcoming constant language barriers, and the release of the single has got me listening to the Album again, the soft charms of which seem particularly appreciated at the moment.

This is 'Sanoja':

If you're new to Nordic Music Review please check out Rami Vierula's prolific collection of songwriting, through Delay Trees, his 23:23 project and his solo writing under his own name.

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