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'Hush Forever' - 'About A Boy' (single / video)

We will have a couple of album reviews later, but there are a really good collection of releases hitting today, and one song and video which has really captured our attention is from Swedish songwriter 'Hush Forever'. The former member of ambient duo 'Flipside' has this ability to write the most intimate music, and his latest song 'About A Boy' is just so personal, but also so delightfully written.

It's the second part of his "Ann-Ki And Her Son" series, where the musician behind Hush Forever, Sebastian Lilja, tells stories from his 'personal and unfiltered life'. Whilst the first song focussed on the death of his mother from cancer, this song reflects on his thoughts on growing up and his own life story. I just love the simplicity of the instrumentation in the song, it just throws all the attention on to the words and melody, whilst the little touches from glockenspiel are so subtle and lovely. 'About A Boy' is a touching and clever track, and I think it should strike a chord with everyone who listens and watches.

The video and song 'About A Boy' have both been released this morning:

You can find out more about 'Hush Forever' in the following places, and if you haven't come across him before, there's a huge back catalogue for you to enjoy.

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