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Introducing... 'FUSHIA' with new single 'Dreams & Stardust'

If truth be told this is a slightly belated introduction to Danish duo 'FUSHIA' because we were going to write about them a couple of months back, but thankfully we're catching up on ourselves now, and we're delighted to bring you their brand new single 'Dreams & Stardust' which is released just today - and whilst we're here, we'll point you in the direction of the video for their last single entitled 'Transparent Girls' which was released a few weeks ago.

So 'FUSHIA' comprise twin sisters Mathilde & Nathalie, but they write their music from their different bases as Mathilde lives in Stockholm, whilst Nathalie is down the road from here in London. I think they're going to make a pretty big impression, because both their singles are captivating, and the latest release 'Dreams & Stardust' is a powerful release. It has this slightly dark melancholy Nordic atmosphere, which then blossoms into an anthemic synth driven chorus, which is somehow both powerful and fragile at the same time - it's pretty captivating stuff.

Anyway this is 'Dreams & Stardust'. released today...:

Anyway you can also check out below the video to their last song, a quirky track entitled 'Transparent Girls' which was released last month. Future plans involve a single in May, and then summer gigs, which given that Nathalie is London based, I hope includes some UK concerts. Check them out on Instagram and Twitter.

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