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Camilo Beltran - 'Da' (single)

We wrote about Norwegian / Chilean (Bergen based) musician Camilo Beltran in March last year when he released a track entitled 'You and I', he's a thoughtful and expressive songwriter who already has a lovely collection of songs online to discover. The good news is that he is back and will be releasing an album entitled 'Wonder' in September, and that he's also planning on heading to the UK to do some live gigs too - which we will definitely try and get to see. The album interestingly is written with a mix of English, Norwegian and Spanish language songs, and the first of the songs to be released is in Norwegian.

The song is entitled 'Da', and it is an intense and melancholy track which describes the sadness of love and the inevitable heartbreak associated with it - in particular 'the last goodbye'. It's a striking song that seems to pack so much into it's 4 mins 30, opening with the atmospheric background piano, before a sliding cello adds a beautiful if sad texture. But then with the addition of Ingjerd Tranvåg's vocals (from the band 'Woodland Circus') the track opens up slightly and the instrumentation develops with more strings, guitar and piano, building to a gorgeous if almost painful crescendo and climax, followed by greyness. It's a really effective and captivating song, cleverly written and with really lovely vocals from both Beltran and Tranvåg.

This is 'Da':

So 'Camilo Bertran' has another single out in May in advance of that debut album in September - I'm really looking forward to it, because I'm sure it'll be a really thoughtfully crafted album. In the meantime you can find him in the following places, and we'll be sure to publish the details of any UK gigs when finalised.

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