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Malin Sallstedt - 'Undress the Truth' (single)

We covered 'Ida Wenøe' at length yesterday, so just a short write up today, and it's a follow up on an artist we wrote about a couple of years ago, and we're delighted to be able to update you on a forthcoming album release too. Malin Sallstedt is from Sweden, and we first wrote about her in 2017 when she released a track in the guise of Malin Sallstedt and the 'Tiny Orchestra', a lovely song entitled 'Deny'.

Her debut album 'Bloom Free' will be out on May 24th through Havtorn Records, and in advance of that she has released a song entitled 'Undress the Truth'. It opens with a folk sentiment with a simple guitar accompaniment, but then a cello adds an extra layer of sound, and as we heard previously Malin Sallstedt just has this lovely comforting voice that adds both conviction and warmth to the song.

This is 'Undress the Truth':

Unfortunately we'll be on annual holiday when her album 'Bloom Free' is released later in May, but we will try to cover it when we get back.

You can find her on Facebook or on Instagram

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