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'Vetle Forsell' - 'Strange Clouds' (single)

We wrote about Norwegian musician 'Vetle Forsell' last November when debuting with the single 'In Waiting', a fascinating and moving song which described sitting waiting in Australia for his father to arrive for support after a mental breakdown. Now Vetle is back with a new song entitled 'Strange Clouds', and it's another quietly contemplative and thoughtful song from the Stavenger born songwriter who has this ability to quite naturally deal with challenging issues through his music.

'Strange Clouds' is the latest single from an album entitled 'Pictures in Frames', which will be released on 24th May. Now we will try and write more extensively about the album, but we will be closed that week for a Vacation, so apologies in advance if it takes a while to get to it. Anyway 'Strange Clouds' is a lovely indie folk song, which hits me the moment the cello is introduced about 1 minute in, and although the lyrics are deeply considered, the song has this gentle uplifting quality, maybe emphasising that in the darkest moments music is always a source for inspiration and for finding where the light is.

There's a cute video to 'Strange Clouds', which Vetle has animated to go along with illustrations by Ellie Falck.

We'll try and feature 'Pictures in Frames' sometime in June, so don't forget to follow Vetle Forsell on either Facebook or Instagram for the latest information, and on Soundcloud and Spotify to listen to more of his music.

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