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Introducing... 'MAID' with acoustic version of 'Basic Bitch'

So here's something else slightly different from our normal diet of Indie Rock and downright melancholy alternative folk. 'MAID' are a trio of musicians who come from the UK, but with a Norwegian connection courtesy of one of the three, Kat Kleve, who originates from the finest of musical cities, Bergen - the other two, Blythe Jandoo and Miracle Chance hail from Edinburgh and that even greater hotbed of musical talent, Devon - Muse, Coldplay, Joss Stone, Ben Howard... oh I could go on.

Anyway there's clearly a commercial edge to 'MAID's' vocals and sound, and they've already featured on the BBCs ‘Eurovision You Decide' in February, sadly not being selected, but we wanted to feature the stripped back acoustic version of their brand new single 'Basic Bitch', as we think it allows the trio to really express their musicality. I really like the vocal harmonies, the combination of voices have a power and emotion to them, and I like the musical accompaniment courtesy of the guitar and cajon. Clearly the fully released version has the 'bells and whistles', but we'd recommend everyone gives this a listen at some point, because you'll understand MAID far better if you do.

This is the acoustic version of 'Basic Bitch', recorded live at The Hope Mill Recording Studios.

You can find more information on MAID here.

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