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Eli Gauden - 'Another Day' (single)

So we've covered 3 bands already today, and we have a couple of songwriters next who both bring a different perspective to their songwriting. Eli Gauden is Norwegian, somewhat inevitably hailing from Bergen, and the influences behind her music lie in more traditional songwriters such as John Mayer and Leonard Cohen, as well as (even more inevitably) the natural surroundings of her native Norway.

It was her studies in the USA that helped influence the style of her music, which is somewhere in the Folk, Blues and Americana sphere, but central to her approach is that she is a storyteller at heart. And that can be heard really clearly in her new single 'Another Day', which was released just a couple of weeks ago, a follow on from 2 EPs released in 2018, and ahead of the release of her debut full album.

'Another Day' has a lovely simple theme, which accepts that we don't always use our days successfully whether it be of our own doing or not, but that we always have the opportunity tomorrow to make amends and use the days more productively. Musically too there is a nice simplicity to it too, with an engaging but straight forward melody, and the stripped back arrangements put all the attention on Eli Gauden's soft vocals, although the hints of influences come through in the sliding guitar, whilst I also particularly like the subtle piano contribution right at the end of the song. 'Another Day' is a charming song from an apparently natural songwriter.

This is 'Another Day':

Eli Gauden has played live dates across the US, Europe (although not the UK yet) and back in Norway, so for more details on live appearances and her releases check out her website, Facebook and Instagram pages. Oh and she's even braving Twitter.

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