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'Nothing but Sunshine' - 'White Lies' (EP)

We'll try to cover all the Nordic countries and all genres of music too today, so we'll head to Finland next and alternative rock band 'Nothing but Sunshine', a 5 piece outfit from Helsinki who we featured last year and were founded by Jaakko Suni – previously known as the drummer in Finnish indie band Murmansk and also including other members from the same band, as well as fellow indie band Mesmer.

'White Lies' is the debut EP from 'Nothing but Sunshine', and the plan is that it will link together with future EP releases to create their first Album, which is one way of doing things I guess. Although the band formed 2 years ago, many of the songs had already been previously written by songwriter Jaakko, and now they've been formally recorded with the help of mixer and producer Mikko Gordon, known for his work with Thom Yorke and Gaz Coombes amongst others.

There are 3 tracks on the EP, and I like the ambition and scale of all 3, which opens with 'Honey', a spiky track with a catchy rhythmic vocal line, and I like the combination of the high intensity instrumentals and an easy on the ear melody. 'Favourite Friend' has a cinematic feel, with a blend of retro synths and driving guitars, and it's the overall band sound in the latter stages of the track which really appeals. It concludes with 'Foxes', which maybe appeals to me slightly less melodically, but I really like the way the band throw everything at the instrumental section just over 2 minutes in - they really do make a great noise when they bring everything together.

The next instalment of the 'Nothing but Sunshine' album will be released with an EP in September, and they hope to complete the process by the end of 2019. Find them on Facebook or Instagram.

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