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'The Sleeplings' - 'Four Hens Down' (single / video)

So a couple of years back we wrote a glowing review of Danish band 'The Sleeplings' debut album, which was entitled 'Elusive Lights of the Long-Forgotten' and therefore gave it away as the type of curious prog-influenced album that we like at Nordic Music Review. It even made it on to our Albums of the Year list I believe, and fully deserved that was too.

Anyway they're back, and their new single and video is rather brilliant. Entitled 'Four Hens Down', it's a thumping song from the trio with a huge guitar riff as it's centrepiece, dark melodic vocals and an enjoyable leftfield section half way through that takes the song wandering away into the wilderness somewhere. I do like 'The Sleeplings', always welcome on these pages...:

There's also a video to 'Four Hens Down', and it's filmed in Horstved, Djursland, in a forest at a crumbling house called 'The Witches House', which adds to the mysticism and atmosphere.

Anyway the release of the video has got me re-listening to that debut album, and highly enjoyable it is too. So it's great to see them back, and we most courteously request a follow up album at 'The Sleeplings' earliest convenience.

Find them at their website,Facebook or on Instagram.

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