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Sunday Non Nordic Indie: 'Psychotic Villager' - 'All The Money That I Need' (single)

So here's something different to brighten up your Sunday, and it's a track from the Indonesian Indie Folk band 'Psychotic Villager' which popped up in our Inbox a few weeks ago. There are 4 people in the band, but they also rely on instruments such as flute and violin, and 'All The Money That I Need' is their second song, which follows on from their release 'Winter Hymn' in 2017.

It's a curious and interesting track, which takes influences from across many centuries of music (Baroque through to cinematic Fantasy music), and there are melodic twists and turns along the way too. Naturally it creates visions of the courts of medieval England, and there's probably progressive musical influences in there too - although actually the band list 'Fleet Foxes' and 'Of Monsters and Men' as inspirations - I certainly hear hints of early 'Of Monsters' in their music - you know, from back in the day when they were far more interesting than they are now.

Anyway take a listen to 'All The Money That I Need', it's really unusual.

You can find them on Instagram @psychoticvillager, or listen to them on Soundcloud.

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