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'I See Rivers' - 'Helios' (single) - and Kickstarter album appeal!

After a 'Junus Horribilis' I just want to write about some of my favourite bands, so expect some 'Moron Police', 'The School Book Depository' and maybe even '1900' soon, but way out top of the list to feature is 'I See Rivers', because they're just continuing to make such a great impression wherever they go, and they've released a brand new single entitled 'Helios' with some plans for an album in 2020 too.

I'm kind of hoping that our frequent coverage of the band means they don't need another introduction, but they're a 'float folk' trio from Norway, who studied in England and whom we first featured way back in 2015 (a fact that will frighten them almost as much as it frightens me....), and even then I felt at the time we were being slightly remiss in not featuring them before. Anyway they are as musically talented as they are lovely people, and they're finally getting some amazing media attention, including an appearance last week on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch where they looked completely at home sitting on the TV sofas, and you can find that here.

Anyway they also released a new single called 'Helios' last month, which out of all their releases to date is the song which should have the most widespread appeal, with gorgeous floating harmonies, sustained bursts of percussive rhythms which carry the track forward and although it has a much bigger production, it retains that lovely organic 'I See Rivers' spirit that first appealed to me.

This is 'Helios':

The band have also just launched a 'Kickstarter' campaign to raise funds for their 2020 album. It's so hard for indie artists to raise these type of funds, so please support them, they've made great progress so far but need a push to get to their target. I'm stuck between choosing the hand embroidered tote bag or the hand knitted beanie...

For more info on the band you can find them either on Facebook or on Instagram.

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