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In Brief: 'Star of Heaven' - 'Kino' (single)

Hopefully July will be a better month than June. So we'll try and catch up with 'In Brief' mentions to as many bands as possible, and we'll start with 'Star of Heaven', a Swedish instrumental band that we featured back in 2016 when they released their post rock / progressive influenced album 'Vinter 2015'.

Anyway they're back with a new single called 'Kino', and the good news is that it's the first from a new album which is due to be released in Autumn - which will be called "To our memories'' and released on the 1631 label.

'Kino' has a distinct Russian folk influence, which originates from the bands pianist Anna who spent time in Russia as a teenager, and it has such an evocative and melancholy backdrop. But as with all of 'Star of Heaven's releases there's a gentle musicality, a feeling that nothing is being 'forced', and the intensity of the song is created by the gradual build up and swelling of sounds - this is music to get totally lost in.

You can find them on their website here or alternatively on Facebook or Instagram.

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