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In Brief: 'Select Captain' - 'Mighty Fine'

Is there time for one more during lunch hour? We do like 'Select Captain' at Nordic Music Review, and have covered him a fair few times over the past few years. He released a new album a few months back, and one song entitled 'Mighty Fine' didn't quite fit into the album, so he's released it as a stand alone single.

It's a typical 'Select Captain' style song, we always use the word 'reassuring' when we describe him, as his soft Americana style is so easily identifiable, and his songs always a consistent and thoughtfully expressed. For sure, it's very different to those genre defying bands we love such as 'Moron Police', but there's room in our musical world for all of them.

Anyway add 'Mighty Fine' to your latest playlists, or even better download it...:

You can find Select Captain on Facebook.

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