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'Moron Police' - 'Captain Awkward' (single)

I decided last week that if I could get this thing back on track I'd treat myself to listening / writing about the new 'Moron Police' single, and we're pretty much getting there - so here is their new(ish) song, it's called 'Captain Awkward' and as expected it's a highly enjoyable romp, which will take you on a journey across musical boundaries and genres and leave you sitting with a huge, if slightly astonished, smile on your face.

We featured the 1st single of the Norwegian bands hugely anticipated new album a couple of months back, and the good news is that the release date for that album has been announced as 16th August, which is definitely a good incentive to get back from our summer vacation and get writing. Anyway it's probably best not to try and describe 'Captain Awkward' as I'll completely tie myself in knots, but it's got some astonishing rhythms, huge sweeping rock ballads and even some folk inspired tunes thrown in too. There's a shorter 'Radio Edit' on streaming services to compliment the full 5 minute version, but why anyone would want to listen to a shorter version bemuses me.

'Captain Awkward' is great fun, if this doesn't brighten your Monday morning then nothing will, take a listen here:

I love the artwork for their releases (which apparently is by an artist called 'Dulk', whom we need to research further) and that 'Moron Police' album 'A Boat on the Sea' is out on 16th August.

Visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

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