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'Forwardman' - with new songs 'Sleepwalk' and 'Out of the Ballpark'

There's an album review about to be published (and it's a particularly good one at that), but there's just time to slip in a songwriter we haven't featured previously. It's always been good to feature artists who write with a truly 'indie' spirit, and Finnish born (but frequently UK based) songwriter 'Forwardman' certainly does that, with music that somehow bridges the gap between artists as diverse as Neil Young and Flying Lotus.

Over the course of his musical 'career', 'Forwardman' has played 100s of gigs, released a wide range of tracks including albums 'This Ain't No Rocket Science' and the electronic based 'New Tomorrow', as well as an earlier EP called 'Ring Up the Curtain'. But his latest tracks really show the diversity in his songwriting skills, 'Sleepwalk' is a laid back jazz inspired song with a soft melody that appealed on first listen, but actually his new song 'Out of the Ballpark' really hits home, an uptempo and catchy song with enjoyable brass contributions and that builds impressively thanks to the full band sound. Take a listen here:

For more details on 'Forwardman' please have a look at his website, or look on streaming services for all his past releases.

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