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Nordic Music Review is now on a Hiatus.

We hope to be back, but if not a huge thank you to everyone has helped. 90% of reviews and features have been written by myself (Andy), but there have been so many lovely contributions from across the world, each one has been so gratefully received, thank you again. Thanks also to Deputy Editor Nick, a partner so silent that he probably won't even notice we're on a Hiatus, but that helped start the whole thing off. And more recently to Robin too, for her lovely help with Social Media.

But thank you mostly to everyone who has at some point read Nordic Music Review, a figure somewhere close to a hundred thousand - with a lovely regular readership across the world that I don't really know, but really appreciate. We hope you've found just one album that remains special to you.

And thank you in particular to all the lovely and inspiring artists, small record labels and even PR people that have kept in touch and sent us great music. We have appreciated every single email.

If you want to encourage Nordic Music Review to return feel free to mail me at and say 'Hey Andy, how about writing a review.....' and maybe it'll motivate me to get back to doing what I love.

Bye for now.

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