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Introducing 'Peer Nic' - with single 'Forever Lost'

Going through 1600 emails is an arduous task, but I knew I'd drop upon some lovely gems along the way, and Norwegian artist 'Peer Nic' released a lovely single back in May, which I'm delighted to cover, albeit briefly and belatedly.

So I guess I'd describe him as a 'traditional' singer songwriter, and the single 'Forever Lost' released a few months backs opens up very much in that style, but there is a sophistication and complexity in the instrumental arrangements courtesy of the Macedonian Radio Symphony Orchestra and accompanying vocals from Signe Marie Rustad. I think there's a nice balance in the track between the vocals and orchestra, with some lovely contributions from wind and string instruments.

The story behind 'Peer Nic' is pretty inspiring too, after being discouraged by his father to pursue a career in music for fear of it causing damage to his mental health and driving him towards alcohol, he seems to have a real desire to progress with his music, and 'Forever Lost' is a really interesting and distinct debut. We certainly look forward to hearing more about him in future months.

You can find out more about 'Peer Nic' on his Facebook page.

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