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'I See Rivers' - new single 'Collide'

We have some new artist introductions coming up this week, but a return first to one of our 'old' favourites. We've featured a couple of new 'I See Rivers' tracks this year, and last Friday they released their latest song as they progress towards a debut album. The Norwegian trio, in case you've forgotten, comprise Eline (Keys, vocals, percussion), Gøril (guitar, vocals, drum pad) and Lill (drums, vocals) and they're currently developing their songwriting from their base in Wales - the location they settled in after recording their debut EP in the area.

The new single 'Collide' ahows how the band are introducing more electronic influences into their songwriting, but they still retain that 'Float Folk' charm (and we're hoping they always will), and the rhythmic beats add an intensity which I think is really effective. The harmonies in this are particularly exquisite and they have this natural sound which makes them so easy to listen to. Anyway the release another exciting step forward for the trio, and you can listen to the track here:

We will, of course, bring you more details of that 'I See Rivers' album in a few months time, and we're also hoping they might do some live dates at some point - it's been ages since we saw them play.

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