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'Elisif Norrman' - 'Hold your Light' (single)

So this weeks plan is for 2 Album reviews and a pretty good selection of new artist introductions, but firstly we're delighted to re-introduce you to Swedish singer-songwriter 'Elisif Norrman' that we first wrote about almost 2 years ago when she released her debut video, and who has now followed that up with a new song entitled 'Hold your Light'. It was released just over one week ago, and there is a truly heartfelt story behind the song.

It was written in memory of Hanna Maja Kajsa Westerlund, a friend of Elisif who passed away after illness, and whom she describes as ''truly one of the most amazing people'' she'd ever met'' and that ''even through the darkest days she found a way to hold her light so brightly''. Hanna was also a musician in her own right, and released a song called 'Fragents' under the artist name 'Unsewn Heartland' - having spent some time this afternoon reading her blog and listening to her track, she was truly a brave and inspirational person.

'Hold Your Light' opens with a gospel influence to it, before the quirky melodic intent that we heard in her debut 'Feathers' comes to the fore, but just listen to the lyrics, as well as the lovely instrumentation courtesy of the gorgeous string arrangements. And I love too the rhythmic beats that add a different texture to the song, and gives it a lilting feel - it's a beautiful tribute to Hanna.

This is 'Hold your Light':

Don't forget to listen to her first track 'Feathers' if you haven't come across her before, I've really enjoyed getting re-acquainted to that too. And you can find Elisif on Facebook.

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