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Introducing... 'Unganisha' with video 'Kucheza'

After the quirky Indie Pop from 'Hockney, we'll stay in Norway and introduce a duo who bring together two very different styles of music and cultures - and the result is totally compelling listening. 'Unganisha' comprise Kenyan musician Labdi Omnes (vocals and Orutu) alongside Norwegian electronic artist Bernt Isak Wærstad, they've released 2 tracks to date, 'Paro' in 2018 and a more recent track called 'Kucheza' at the beginning of the summer, and more recently they appeared at Sofar Sounds Norway - which historically has always been a great way for us of discovering new artists.

'Kucheza' is a totally spellbinding track, for so many reasons. Firstly I love the vocals courtesy of Labdi Omnes and the rhythms that drive the track forward are extraordinary, creating such a rich, interesting fusion of sounds that just seem to build as the track progresses. The result is actually simply great fun to listen to, and I defy anyone to listen without a smile on their face.

Anyway we may be typically late to feature the track, but the good news is that they have an appearance soon at none other than the Bergen International Music Festival. We know we have a nice collection of extremely wise readers from Bergen, our favourite musical city, so positively insist you try and make it to see 'Unganisha' perform.

And this is the video to 'Kucheza':

For more details of their Bergen International Music Festival appearance visit them on Facebook.

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