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'Nancy's Dead' with single 'Out of Time'

So here's a band that will wake you up on your Wednesday morning commute. 'Nancy's Dead' are from Stockholm, and they've been playing together in their current line-up since 2003, although the band was actually formed back in the early 1990's, which is some achievement in itself. Anyway it's always good to re-invent yourself once in a while, and 'Nancy's Dead' have just done exactly that, renaming themselves from their previous incarnation which was simply 'Nancy'.

It's understandable that we missed 'Nancy', as their new track 'Out of Time' (launched as an EP with 2 other tracks 'Gentleman' and 'Gangsters') is their first for a long time, but they have remained regulars on the Stockholm live music scene, recently playing a gig with fellow Swedish post rock band 'Star of Heaven', whom we've written about previously. That must have been a pretty good gig, because we do like 'Star of Heaven' and 'Nancy's Dead' simply make a great racket.

'Out of Time' is a blistering grunge rock song, with a belting guitar riff that carries it along, and yes of course it is heavily influenced by a number of bands I could name from a couple of decades ago, but we care little as we just like it so much. There's a particularly marvellous moment at 3 1/2 minutes when extra guitars join the tumultuous scrawling noise and thus ramping the sound up to an extraordinary level - just take a listen and you'll see what we mean.

This is 'Out of Time':

Interestingly on the other 2 tracks on the EP, 'Nancy's Dead' develop their songs in a slightly different way, with a less grunge influenced and sometimes progressive leaning sound - well worth checking out if you have time.

More details about the band on Facebook or Soundcloud.


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